Invest into coin which:

– covered by real assets, which are secured and insured;

– value is free from rumours and decisions of the countries;

– value is always growing or stable during financial depressions.


We want to make international currency covered by two most valuable precious goods in the world, powered and secured by Blockchain.

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Dear investors! In case of dying of ICO crowdfunding our Team decided to change conception of working. We are stopping ICO and moving to direct seed investments. New website, investor’s cabinet and new roadmap will be announced soon! We are still real! Keep in touch!

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Our Listings
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Respectful refineries of
United States
United Arab Emirates

our background
8 years of experience in diamond business
5 years in golden business
Connections in Africa, Russia and Canada
Direct to miners
Belgian and Israel cutters
own blockchain
mining facilities
real value
Credit card MC Black
= =

Q2 – 2018

Completed Whitepaper


Pre-Sale for primary investors

First purchases

Start of bounty campaign


Q3 – 2018

New website

Mobile application

Pre-ICO (GIDE) 07.2018

Beta version of GDP blockchain

First full cycle production of diamonds and gold

Q4 – 2018

ICO Campaing (GIDE) 09.2018

Alfa version of GDP blockchain

Exchange of GIDEs to GIDs

Second cycle of production of diamonds and gold

Q1 – 2019

Listing of GIDs at the exchanges

Launch of mining via platform

Trial immision of Revolut MC credit card

Third cycle of production of diamonds and gold

Q2 – 2019

Launch of the own mining site

Launch of cutting workshop in Spain

Launch of small refinery in Swiss

Branches in Angola, USA, Belgium

Q2 – 2023

Start of Buyback campaign

Our team
Oleg Tkachev
Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO of  Gelox Gems LLC, Co-Founder and CIO of deethermo ICO. Co-Founder of mining company in Botswana. 5 years in diamond business. 
Slava Sokoltsov
ICO Development Director

Serial entrepreneur, 7 years in venture investments, blockchain enthusiast, crypto investor. ICO Advisor at deethermo ICO, CAO at re:factor ICO

Alex Konviser
BD Director

Cryptoinvestor. Founder of ANETSIS.Net and PromoGan AG, Founder & CEO GE-CIX and deethermo ICO. 30 years in innovative IT business.

Roderich Hess
Gold Processing Advisor

CEO and Member of the Executive Board of Cendres Metaux. Former Contributor & Pitch Trainer at Startup Invest. Manages ONE Watch

Carlos Moreira
Blockchain Advisor

Founder & CEO WiseKey WIHN. Worked for ILO, UN, UNCTAD, ITC/WTO, World Bank, UNDP and ESCAP. Leader of GDP Blockchain

Greg Van den Bergh
Bank Relations Advisor

CEO of Bankorus. The inventor of China’s first robo-advisor system, worked at Morgan Stanley PWM.

Barnaby Andersun
Blockchain Advisor

Futurist; Traveller; Well-known specialist at ICO, Blockchain & Brand Strategist; CEO of; Advisor at

Näyttökuva 2018-06-27 kello 11.56.08
Miikka Saloseutu
Business Advisor

Founder of Experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry.

Javor Ninov
ICO Development Advisor

IDACB Board of Directors Member, CEO of Outsource Partners and of Tresaro. He is also an advisor to several blockchain-based projects.

Marsel Ibrahimov
Head of IT Development

Venture investor and serial IT entrepreneur. 5 years in business. IT developer and advisor in different Blockchain projects.

Valeri Arenas
Creative Director

Founder & CEO of Arenas Lab. Lead international projects. Former of  design and image of some well-known brands. Design is in his blood.

Alex Yudovich
Legal Advisor

Head of CIS Desk, Member of the Board, Partner at RECHTSANWÄLTE LENNERT PARTNERS AG. 11 years in juristic business.

Evan Kirstel
Public Relations Director

Co-Founder & CD Evangelist at EviraHealth and Advisor at Worked for Sonus, Hookflash Inc., Penguin Strategies.

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Mobile: +41 79 7955216


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